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Wine 101 Cooking with wine  Tiny bubbles vs Big Bubbles  Chocolate Pairing What to do with the cork they hand you in a restaurant  How to pair food with wine  The Geography of Wine  What are Legs? Virginia Versus The World™ "Corked"Simulator Home Winemaking Establishing a Baseline Little known Wine Regions VinoLingo Selecting good wine from walls & walls of nebulous bottles The Wine Geek Quiz  The Diverse World of Malbec Does the shape of a glass really matter?  AchievingAeration Perfection  3 Blind Bordeauxs - guess the High Priced one The ultimate flight of Virginia Wines that Kick Butt Tasting Room Etiquette those Versatile Rieslings What's your wine profile? Molecular Pairing Aroma Therapy Cheeseology ...


Hit the floor & taste wine while you become a certified aficionado!


"OMG I had no idea ... I've been sampling wines wrong in restaurants for the past 7 years"



"Thanks so much for doing this - it's the best wine event I've ever been to & I've been to a lot"



This event is similar to typical walk-around wine festivals .... only WAY better! Every exhibit you come to features a tutorial.

It's like speed dating with wine!

Thrill Instructors

lead 3 minute standing flash classes

and 10 minute seated crash courses

at every booth

on everything vino

all over the hall!

Jump in anywhere. Sit down. Taste. Learn something. Ask questions! When the whistle blows go to another session that interests you on the show map.

"So much better than the typical walk-around winefest where so many people are shuffling by there is no way to talk with the pros."



Bootcamp isTHE fun, unpretentious and unintimidating place to learn

about wine and taste wines from around the world while you do it.

     Yes, you can BUY wines you find at Bootcamp.

No more walking all the way around and then trying to figure out how to get back to buy wines you enjoyed. Keep track of what you like on the vinoapp or show program we give you. At the end of the event, you'll have an opportunity to

  • order the wines you like right at the event
  • order wines that rate highest at the event right from this website
  • go home with a list of where you can purchase your favorite wines featured in Bootcamp after the event at local shops.

  Bring your smartphone or tablet

We'll give you a kewl vinoapp to remember what wines you like and where you can find them.

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