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"Thanks so much for doing this - it's the best wine event I've ever been to & I've been to a lot!"


"OMG I had no idea ... I've been sampling wines wrong in restaurants for the past 7 years"





Whether your objectives are to create name recognition; increase brand awareness; generate leads; sell product or get feedback from consumers, this experiential marketing event can help you accomplish your marketing goals.


Wine Immersion Bootcamp - It's a different kind of consumer wine learning event. This proven concept provides a fun, unpretentious and unintimidating place to learn about wine and taste wines from around the world.

We've been planning, producing and refining wine tasting events for audiences of 25 to 25000 for the past 8 years. Our goal is to provide venues for wineries to market their products.

One observation as we honed in on successful elements of shows resulted in an interesting phenomenon ...

Over 5 years we added more and more culinary seminar sessions with pros as a feature of our Showcase events and noticed that people would rather camp out holding spots at every seminar than walk around tasting wine.

People want to LEARN about wine.

Wine Immersion Bootcamp is different. Instead of merely tasting, Bootcamp guests will learn their way through tasting of the world's best artisan wines with vino flash classes and mini crash courses at every table. While walk-around tastings that are out there have no real purpose, Bootcamp presents an opportunity for the budding and serious wine connoisseur to learn everything there is to know about wine while they taste and purchase favorite selections.


Bootcamp is tutorials - all day - all over the hall.

Bootcamp provides the best of both worlds ... it allows guests to discover your brand while they discover the 5W's of wine. And it allows you as a marketer to provide a memorable, educational one-on-one experience and get feedback from your target market.

You'll choose from our list of tutorials or bring your own educational idea to feature at Bootcamp. Three minute trivia/flash classes and 10 minute mini crash courses at feature experts and wine celebrities discussing an element of wine. Guests will get to choose what sessions they go to allowing them to get the education they want whatever level of wine aficionado they currently are.

We don't waste your time or your product.

Unlike the typical walk-around wine festivals that are a waste of time and product, Boot Camp allows you to interact with visitors and deliver your message to a key demographic. The emphasis on education differentiates Boot Camp from other consumer events:

  • Guests will sit to be served at your booth while your wines are featured along with an element of wine edutainment.
  • Guests will have the opportunity to purchase wines they taste on site while they are there in the event wine shop.

Sowing seeds of new business in an information age

Instant access to gobs of information makes the world either very daunting or very convenient. Too much irrelevant information can be daunting. The right information at the right time is perfect. Getting to that information is the key to success at BootCamp.

  • Guests will have a digital app in their hands for marking the wines they experience, enjoy and would purchase.
  • Guests will go home with a list of local places they can find your wines.
  • Guests will be able to rate wines that are featured and purchase package deals of wines rated favorites on this website after the event.


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